Theatre tours are available throughout the year by appointment only.  Please call the administration office at 1-800-540-9229 or 403-553-4404 for details.



The Empress Theatre's seats were installed in 1938 and are still in use today!
A highlight of the theatre's historic, retro seats is the loveseats staggered throughout the aisles on the main floor of the theatre!


The dressing rooms and neighbouring hallway located downstairs, are covered with signatures of artists who have performed at the theatre.  Signatures date back to the earliest years at the theatre.  The photo above shows a more recent signature belonging to Randy Bachman formerly of The Guess Who and Bachman Turner Overdrive.


The Empress Theatre's Green Room features original movie posters as far back as 1940, including posters for such films as Gone With the Wind and Curly Top! Our Green Room also features several other pieces of movie memorabilia.


 In 1938, new owner Dan Boyle, had installed one large neon tulip with two smaller tulips located on either side on the ceiling of the theatre. His wife's favourite flower was the tulip.