Ed the Ghost

A popular theory behind Ed, the theatre's resident ghost, is that of a former janitor of the Empress.  He worked a second job at the local auction market and was known to enjoy a drink and a smoke now and then.  This helps lead to the belief that the ghost is in fact this man, as often sightings, or experiences are accompanied by the scent of alcohol, tobacco and manure.

Lights go on and off at will and disposed popcorn buckets come back out of the garbage.  Others believe that it is not in fact one person, but a few ghosts causing all the mayhem.  The ghost or ghosts are simply referred to as “Ed”.  He most often appears to people on their own, or groups of two or three.  One incident that stands out occurred when one employee heard footsteps coming up from downstairs, while counting money in the concession.  The employee attentively awaited a co-worker to appear, but the footsteps continued and no one appeared.  They continued up the stairs, through the foyer and into the concession, stopping right beside her and still no body or person was visible.  Actors in the past have reported seeing “Ed” on and off the stage during performances, and patrons of the theatre have reported seeing a man’s face appear in mirrors of the washrooms and upon turning around, no one being there.

Visit the Empress and perhaps you’ll come face to face with our biggest fan!